Tourist Visa for Thailand

Tourist Visa for Thailand

If you are looking at visiting Chiang Mai or Thailand then speak to a solicitor in Chiang Mai about applying for a tourist visa for Thailand. This is the easier visa to obtain compared to the others. The tourist visa for Thailand is the most used visa in Thailand. This was created to allow you to visit Thailand for more than 30 days.

Most countries can arrive at the airport and obtain a visa on arrival. This visa on arrival when arriving via a Thai airport allows you to obtain 30 days visa exemption when entering Thailand. If you arrive via a land border you are only allowed 15 days in Thailand without a valid visa. Many people who are looking at crossing a land border and staying a month usually obtain a tourist visa before hand or if they are arriving by air they obtain a tourist visa if they are going to be staying longer than the 30 days.

The tourist visa allows you to stay in Thailand for 60 days. Before this 60 days expire you can go to Thai Immigration and have the visa extended by another 30 days at a cost fo 1,900 Baht. The visa is thus valid for 3 months once you enter Thailand and have had it extended at least once. You can extend the visa again for another 1,900 Baht but this only allows for an extra week or 7 days. Most do not have it extended again as the cost for 7 days  does not make much financial sense.

If you are looking at visiting Chiang Mai or Thailand then speak to our solicitors in Chiang Mai about the Thai tourist Visa and how we are able to assist you. With offices in all the major tourist cities of Thailand we at Law Firm are able to help you best.


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