Notary Public in Thailand

Notary Public in Thailand. Notaries are licensed attorneys authorized to verify identities, witness the signing of documents and affix their seal to validate these documents. Notarized documents have weight in Thailand and abroad.

Business owners, expats and people who need to courier signed documents abroad for various reasons, often require notary services in Thailand. This article will explain what a notary public is, its function and the requirements to get a document notarized.

What is a Notary Public?

In most countries, Notary Public is an official that the government appoints to provide authentication services for legal documents, affidavits, signatures and statements of people under oath. This person serves as an official fraud deterrent, and many countries require that a document be notarized before it is considered valid in their jurisdiction.

In Thailand, however, there is no Notary Public, but there are attorneys that are licensed to perform notarial services. These Thai attorneys are called Notarial Services Attorneys and they are authorized to carry out notarial functions regulated by the Lawyers Council of Thailand.

Documents that were notarized in Thailand by a Notarial Services Attorney will need to be further authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand Legalization Division before they can be used in another country. This process is also referred to as getting the document legalized. This is an important step because it confirms that the document was issued in another country and that it is genuine.

Qualifications of a Notary Public in Thailand

In many countries around the world, signatures and documents are notarized for proof of authenticity. As a business hub in Southeast Asia, Thailand is home to many international businesses and individuals who require notary services for contracts, legal documents, power of attorney, trusts, and other important documents. In addition, many Thai citizens travel abroad for work and may need their documents to be authenticated by a notary public.

A notary public is a person commissioned by the state government to authenticate documents, signatures, and affidavits or statements of an individual under oath. Notaries are generally expected to follow written rules and not exercise significant discretion, unlike judicial officials.

Currently, Thailand has no official notary public, although some lawyers have been authorized to function as notaries under the Lawyers Council of Thailand regulation B.E 2528. These notaries are known as Notarial Services Attorneys and can perform authentication services regulated by the Lawyers Council of Thailand. Foreigners who obtain a notarized document from Thailand will still need to have it further legalized or authenticated at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand Legalization Division for use in their destination country.

Documents that Need to be Notarized in Thailand

Often documents that need to be authenticated and certified require the signatures of individuals appearing on them to be notarized. A notary public in Thailand is licensed by the Lawyers Council to certify the authenticity of these signatures and documents.

Notarized documents are frequently required by institutions, like banks, embassies and schools and even private organizations as well as individual persons. Documents that need to be notarized can range from legal documents and affidavits to power of attorney and trusts.

As a result, notary services are very common in Bangkok especially for expats who need to submit documents to their bank back home. Baan Thai can help with notarizing and translating documents at our convenient location on Wireless Road close to many embassies. Contact us today for more information. You can also request an appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you. Our professional team are always ready to assist you with your requirements.

Services of a Notary Public in Thailand

As Thailand is a business hub in Southeast Asia and home to many expats from all over the world, documents needing notarization are common. Documents that need to be notarized include contracts, legal documents, power of attorney and affidavits.

A notary public is a state-licensed official who can authenticate signatures on documents and witness statements of people under oath. They also certify translations for international transactions. However, Thailand has never enacted a law establishing a notary system. Instead, the Lawyers Council provides attorneys with the role of Notarial Services Attorney who can perform these functions based on their professional training.

Whether you need a document notarized for a bank, school, government or private entity, G.A.M Legal Alliance can assist you with notarization in Thailand. Please contact us or visit our office on Wireless Road to speak with a notary services attorney. You must bring your identification card and all documents you want to notarize in person.

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