Marriage Registration in Thailand

Getting married in Thailand is the easy part as the Thai marriage registration can be a frustrating task. If you live in Chiang Mai or outside of Bangkok then it is easy to let a solicitor do it for you. Speak to us in Chiang Mai or speak to us now on live chat or on our TollFree UK number!

When you get married in Thailand you need to have the marriage registered in order to obtain a marriage certificate. To obtain this certificate means at best that you need to come to Bangkok to have it completed. From Chiang Mai that means an overnight ride down with the bus and hotel fees, much like coming to Bangkok from Pattaya. The costs climb when you have to use hotels as the Thai marriage registration process for a foreign is not the same as if it were two Thais getting married.

The first port of call when getting married in Thailand is your embassy in Bangkok. The embassy needs to provide you with a letter of affirmation to state that you are allowed to get married. You complete the form and then collect the letter from the embassy the following day. This is an overnight process. The following day you need to take this letter down to the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs. There they will stamp the letter to state that it is authentic. This take 4-5 hours getting it done and if you arrive late morning then expect to register you marriage the next day. Once the letter has been authenticated by the government you need to take all this documentation down to the local District Office or Amphur’s office. Here they will again look at the documentation and once again you complete a form for the marriage registration. While you wait they will print a marriage certificate for you and you are now married.

If you do not wish to run around Bangkok for 2-3 days filling in forms and collecting bits of paper then simply had the documents in any any of our offices in Thailand. Speak to a solicitor in Chiang Mai about the process and we will do all the running around for you. Speak to us today about your Thai marriage registration.


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