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Tourist Visa for Thailand

If you are looking at visiting Chiang Mai or Thailand then speak to a solicitor in Chiang Mai about applying for a tourist visa for Thailand. This is the easier visa to obtain compared to the others. The tourist visa for Thailand is the most used visa in Thailand. This was created to allow you to… Read More »

Cost of Living in Thailand

Let us take what some people earn in Thailand and what they spend their money on considering their incomes. They are in different regions so it balances out the view of Thailand.  These are the more middle to lower end of living in Thailand which many expats or teachers in Thailand live on – on… Read More »

Permanent Residency in Thailand

Obtaining permanent residency can be quite challenging. It would entirely involve submission of the application at the Immigration office and ministry of Foreign affairs. Applicants have to wait for a minimum of 2 years or more before they can obtain their residence permit. But this would take a lot of time.

Amphur Offices in Thailand

If you are getting married in Thailand then you would need to register your marriage in Thailand. Each district has its Amphurs Office or District Office and we have listed the main ones in Thailand below. The Amphurs Office in Bangrak has the best reputation for speed and being friendly to foreigners.